Joshua Washington

Speaker & Certified Leadership Trainer

Joshua Washington is an inspiring coach, trainer, and speaker, that truly leaves an impact on everyone he meets. Defying the odds by coming from one of the poorest cities in the nation, Joshua now speaks, coaches, and trains leaders of today and tomorrow, helping young men develop their mentality. Joshua believes that transforming the mentalities of todays men, leads to building up great leaders that will restore the impact, and value of family in our communities.  Joshua does this by helping those he encounters to focus on the 4 Core areas of our mentality that will help young men maximize their purpose, and accomplish a greater sense of value in this world. “Success is your Destiny!” This phrase resounds on the minds of those who witness an event with Joshua. Your mentality will certainly be challenged as Joshua inspires with his passion for impacting and transforming lives!

Success is your Destiny!

Your mentality determines Your life! Mentality is defined as “A habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations/life.” I believe in the power of transformational leadership. Transformation however starts with our minds. How we think produces our outlook, that outlook translates through our actions, and those actions ultimately determine whether we define and reach true success. The mantra ‘Success is Your Destiny’ doesn’t mean that success is somehow a destination, instead, this refers to our journey, striving to achieve a fulfilling life of success. My job is to help you discover the success that’s already living on the inside of you , and your job is to get out there and maximize that potential! So what are you waiting for? Success is already within you! 

The Mentality of Faith

The Mentality of Success

The Mentality of a Leader

The Mentality of Wealth


He asked tough questions that caused me to assess myself and my thought process

Joshua has an ability to captivate the students attention

Hearing Joshua speak has left me motivated and excited for the future. Failure is an option, as Joshua says but success is your destiny is a powerful statement that has left a mark on my heart and desire to pursue my calling. His passion and dyanmic speaking style kept me engaged from the moment he starting speaking right up until the very end. I highly recommend him.

The engagement of the young men in the audience shows the reach of this speaker.”

Joshua has a keen ability to speak of a history that our students all relate (community, finances, and daily goals)

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Decisions are the exam of life. Each day we are faced with a multiple of choices that either feed the greatness within you, or pull you further away from your destiny!

– The Joshua Mentality

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