A Different Perspective On Our Issues

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A Different Perspective On Our Issues

What Bus Stops and Your “Issues” Have In Common

One of the greatest revelations I ever experienced was when I looked in the mirror and said to myself, “dude, you have issues, like serious, issues!” The most liberating part though, was when I realized I now get to work on those issues, out grow them, and expand beyond the effects they have on my life.
You see that’s the beauty of life, yeah we all have issues but the greatest part comes when we gain awareness of what those issues are, acknowledge them for what they are, and then turn our attention to growing beyond them.
Here lies the problem for many of us though, most people never realize that they can grow beyond their issues, therefore the issues become a permanent residence know as “the land of issues.”
Think about your typical city transportation route for instance, every route system involves a series of stops. As commuters, we decide which stops to get off on or continue forward. When it comes to life issues though, many treat what’s only suppose to be a stop, as a permanent destination instead. For s

ome of you reading this, the “land of issues” you find your life currently stationed at was only suppose to be a temporary stop.  Instead for some reason you pulled over, pitched a tent and made it your home, completely forfeiting the road ahead and never moving and growing beyond your issues.
Listen it’s ok to stop acknowledge and bring awareness to whatever issues you’ve faced, or are currently facing. It’s not ok however, to stay there! There’s growth  beyond your issues. Whatever issue you’re currently facing is only one of a few stops along your journey towards your destiny, and the truth is, there will be others.
The key is learning to master those stops. You accomplish this through acknowledgement, awareness, and a determination that refuses to stop growing! Then, from there, it’s simply on to the next stop, knowing that Success is your Destiny!

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