Joshua Washington

Transformational Leadership

Helping you Discover your full potential

“If you transform your mind, you will transform your life”

My Story

I know you’re probably wondering where ‘The Joshua Mentality’ all began, so here’s a little bit about my story.

I grew up in a  small town called Immokalee, Florida (yep, this place actually exist). Due to the poor mentality I developed, my journey to manhood never quite got it’s proper footing. Growing up, the two things i knew for certain was that I loved people, and  had a passion for serving others, in hopes of adding value to the lives of those I encountered. Things took a sharp turn for me when I left home to attend college though. I was faced with the harsh reality that I really had no clue of who I was,  and even less of what I wanted to do with my life. This is where the early beginnings of The Joshua Mentality began. Through the building of key relationships that molded and challenged my mentality, Faith that transformed my outlook on life, and a lot of failure in between, I embarked on a journey that has changed my life forever!
Since those days, I’ve used these experiences along with tons of training hours around leadership and development, to serve others with a gift of communication that inspires audiences to tap into, and maximize their full potential. I believe we were all created to succeed, therefore my goal is to help you define success, and live out the greatest days of your life!

My Approach

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Moving Towards Your Success!