Leadership & Development with Joshua

Strategies To Increase Your Student Retention and Completion Percentages

The Mentality of a Leader

Communicating for
Leadership Success (DDI).
Developing the Leader Within (JMT).

The Mentality of Success

Fresh-Mentality – Discovering your
Purpose in college.
Life Management – Managing your life
clutter for increased focus and performance.

The Mentality of Wealth

Wealthy Habits – 4 habits that will transform
your financial future.
Creating your budget – An in depth analysis
to discipline your spending habits.

Formats include:

• Keynote
• Leadership Retreat

• Master Mind Group
• Workshop

• Coaching
• T3

These are just a few examples of the Topics & Formats Offered. 

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Fresh Mentality: Focus on Your Development

Fresh Mentality: A Time to Discover

Fresh Mentality: The Importance of Decisions

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