The Mentality of Success: What Am I Here For?

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The Mentality of Success: What Am I Here For?

Identity: Who Am I? What Am I Here For?

Discovering your purpose can be tough, and at times a frustrating experience. I thought I wanted this, but now I’m not so sure. I thought I would excel at this, but all I experience is failure. These are some of the ebbs and flows that can discourage us from believing that we were created with purpose.


Today I want you to shift your mentality, the way you think about your life purpose. Begin to see your purpose as a maturation process, a series of valuable moments, rather than this endless search for a singular peak moment. Your purpose extends beyond any particular career, status, accomplishment or feeling. Your purpose is tied to your creator, your family, community, your skills, strengths, talents, and so much more. Don’t simplify yourself! You are a complex being, and for good reason. You were intricately designed which makes sense why at times managing you  can feel like a challenging task.

Be careful not to mistaken growth for failure, Fall in love with your maturation process, knowing that purpose equals intent, and your life was definitely intended for Success! So take the good with the bad, in addition to the uncertainties that rival those moments of fulfillment, why?, Because it all counts, and just like you, it all matters!

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  1. Great perspective! We often get overwhelmed by the need to be and feel successful, this is because fixate our definition of success in a specific moment or event in our life. Your perspective is a breath of fresh air that remind us to celebrate the process of growing in every aspect.

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