Welcome to The Joshua Mentality

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Welcome to The Joshua Mentality

Origins of The Joshua Mentality

Often times I’m asked about the backstory of The Joshua Mentality, so here’s some history that will explain the origins of the name. While part of it’s meaning is rooted in my leadership journey as a young African American man with a very poor mentality, the greater purpose of this name is rooted in a historic journey that in my opinion greatly represents the experiences in our development as leaders

There’s an old story that involves one of the greatest commanders the world has seen. His name was Joshua! This leader managed to lead an entire generation of people from their old slave ridden thoughts, mindsets, and lifestyles, into a new land, and more importantly a new mentality. This mentality represented and reflected the incredible creation we all were purposed to be.

If we’re honest, that’s the true essence of leadership & development. It is the process of developing those strands of greatness that already reside within you and I. Unfortunately, the truth is, those strands can sometimes be replaced with structures within our mentality that hinder growth, promote poor outlooks, and restrict us from reaching new heights in our thoughts, actions and lifestyle.

The Joshua Mentality is about channeling the spirit of this great commander Joshua, tearing down those hinderances that stand in the way of the amazing leader within you! This is accomplished through a focus on developing the mentality of todays leaders in four critical areas of; success, wealth, leadership, and Faith!  All done with a sense of purpose to help you reach that new land of yours, that new mentality, The Joshua Mentality!

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